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30 mins

Won't be held responsible if non-flame retardant lace is used. >_>
In accordance with my Purple Poe Lantern, there was another lantern at the Salvation Army that was much smaller. Thinking that I could use it as a back-up, I got. It was cute and small, but the leather used was butt-ugly and it reminded me of fossilized dinosaur skin. Well, I had already gotten my Purple Poe Lantern up and going with the bigger lantern so I didn't need to use this one after all. But I didn't want to stuff a precious 99 cent item in the basement to lay forgotten because I couldn't think of an idea! "What to do?! What to do?! THINK DAMMIT THINK!!" *end overreaction* "Hey, I have some leftover black mesh, black lace, and a ton of hot molten glue. Let's do something with that! ACTION CRAFT TEAM - GO!!"

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Aubrie S.
Aubrie S. · 49 projects
very beautiful

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