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this project require basic sewing skill but is very easy
I wanted a detachable bustle skirt that could be worn with a variety of underskirts both long and short. As I usually also wear a corset as a matter of routine, I decided on an elasticized waistband for comfort instead of buttons or zippers or ties. I wanted a fully bustled look in back so that I would not always have to wear my bustle pad, so I made 2 separate skirts, one in tulle for fullness and one in lace to go over. That way I could also wear the tulle skirt with other things. I love tulle because there is no hemming necessary.

Both skirts are seven layers. To make the layers I did the following:
Out of 4 yards of 60" tulle, I cut seven panels 100-120" wide and of graduated lengths from 8" to 20". I gathered each panel at the top in graduated widths equally from 18" (top panel) to 28"(bottom panel). Then I cut 3" strips of tulle with angled edges to match the various widths and sewed the panels together sequentially, one after the other with a strip in between. I measured my waist and at the top I used a scrap piece of satin and made a simple casing for elastic, and attached the skirt back to one half of it. Then I put in the elastic and trimmed the front of the skirt from hip to hip with a wide piece of scrap lace trim.

I followed the same procedure for the lace overskirt, being careful to cut my panels so the the scalloped edges of the lace were always at the bottom, and making the casing so that the lace scallops formed self trim. You do have to hem the sides and tops of the lace panels with a very narrow hem. I trimmed the back center of the lace skirt with a long organza bow.

These skirts sewed up pretty fast and I recently wore them to a formal function over a short form fitting lace dress with a red satin beaded overbust corset and received many compliments. You will too!!

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So gorgeous
Brenda L.
Brenda L. · 9 projects
really amazingly done
aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
Friggen awesome, lace is the best ever. That last picture, the whole outfit looks amazing.
Nikki S.
Nikki S. · Oakland, California, US · 9 projects

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