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"All i want in life is to be happy"- Korn 'Dead'
Korn is possibly my favorite band, and i make tons of stuff from them. I've been planning on making this doll, which is featured on their "Issues" album cover, for a while now. The picture on their album is actually a painting from the winner of their fan-art contest (they love their fans so much, which is 1 reason why i love them). I just always thought it was cute, & that album is SO amazing.
The dolls supposed to represent kids/people who've been abused or have issues, which is what most of their musics about also.

This project was completely free, because the fabric was scraps from a white tshirt which i dyed with tea to get a old/batterd look. I also painted his button eye blue, cuz i didnt have one. I added "hair" on his head, and stiches on face with embroidery thread. And I used fabric paint to 'dirty' him up, and write "Korn iSsues" on back. The fake "stuffing" coming out, is actually shredded fabric i sewed onto his belly. The tag on his side also has my artist initials on it (the tag on the doll in the original painting has that artists initials also).

I just love him. He's my little Korn Buddy, that i can listen to music with. Maybe he'll go to a Korn concert with me to see them(which is my dream). :D

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Margot G.
Margot G.
It's freakin' awesomeeeee :O <3
ILoveIt ^^ ~
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
@RustyFish: I dont think i can do a tutorial, because it took me 3 complete days to make him, and i made most of it up as i went along. lol I just tried to make him look as close to the original picture as possible.
I always start my dolls/plushies by making the head first, then make the body to fit it. I also explained how i decorated him/what i used in the description. Hope that helps. Happy

Thanks guys, I love him too!! 8D
btw. I have no idea why all the stuff in the "you will need" thing is doubled. lol
emmyboo the ginger
emmyboo the ginger · Paron, Arkansas, US
RustyFish · Derby, England, GB · 21 projects
are you doing any instructions, I'd love to have a go he's great.
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
thank you. ^_^
and thanks for all the favs guys.
Aubrie S.
Aubrie S. · 49 projects
Really amazing job and I find it cute too
Dragoness · 28 projects
that's really good Happy

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