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A well stocked pantry shall surely be visited by this hungry little Hob
Kobold is my little pantry goblin. Hes probably about 6 years old at this point, paper clay seems to stand the test of time but it can get pricey. His face is sculpted onto a dollar store plastic ornament I had laying around my attic after the huge squirrel fiasco. The eyes came from a broken doll and were set into the clay after it dried and I cut out a space for them with a craft knife. His torso is a little block of wood with holes drilled for wire. I use floral wire because its cheap and readily available but it doesn't not like being bent often and will snap as will most wire. His legs r dowels and his toes r smaller dowels glued in and shaped with a craft knife and dremel as well as a set of small files. His arms and hands r dried scraps of paper clay that I carved with a craft knife. His hair is blue hemp and his pants are made of a scrap of an old shirt. The pants were a little large so I folded it over to form a crease where a zipper would be and tacked it down with a small gold colored nail. He looks unintentionally grim as if he has a Chelsea smile or Glasgow grin but as I mentioned before I intended him to be a pantry goblin and its supposed to be jelly or jam on his mouth. I have yet to make him a little sandwich to carry around. I mixed purple paint with saw dust to make to messy jam around the corners of his mouth.

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That's a cute little goblin^^

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