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Based on Knitting Needle Roll Up by Cat Morley
I loved Cat's version and wanted one of my own.(thanks for the inspiration :) )

This version was made using what I call "short cut" crafting. I made this Knitting Needle Roll Up from a placemat I bought at the craft store for $2.50. All the rest of my supplies were left overs from my crafting stash. Since the placemat was pre quilted, all I had to do was sew on the coordinating fabric to the inside and add the stitched rows for the pockets. Very sturdy and super cute.

I also saw a gals blog where she used a table runner and made a ginormous version.

I have used placemats for other projects as well. It is a cheap resource that is ready to go and one I use often when I am shortcut crafting. I bought another placemat in this same design and made my daughter and her american girl doll matching tote purses. Very versatile and easy to do.

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