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A crocheted kitten to help a real one
Here in the Netherlands a couple of our animal rescue/protection centers have a project called 'a knitten for a kitten'. To collect money to help kittens you can make a knitten (either knit it or crochet it) and hand it in at the center. Then they will put it up for sale and for the money they will improve the care for kittens. See www.knitten.nl for more info and instructions.

The thing is that a lot of unwanted kittens get born every year and the animal shelters are swamped with them. Sadly there are still a lot of people that don't take responsibility for their cat(s) and get a litter of kittens while the shelters are full of cats that don't have a nice home. And then, what do you do with the kittens? Give them away, sure, but what if nobody wants them? To the shelter.. or on to the street where they will reproduce and cause problems and lead a sad little life.

This was my first knitten ever. Perhaps it will be the last too because I found the pattern rather boring. But I might ask if knittens made of fabric (so normal sewing) are allowed too. It will go much faster, they'll still be cute and I'd get rid of some of my fabric stash.

If you're in the Netherlands and you like crocheting/knitting (even slightly boring patterns) consider joining the knitten project!

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