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Knitted Swatch Blanket
A project from my book, Wise Craft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps, and Natural Objects Into Stuff You Love, available at all bookstores now! Knit this blanket by creating simple knitted square swatches, using yarn you have on hand and making the stitches as simple or as tricky as your skill level allows. Make some squares out of felted wool sweaters from the thrift store in coordinating colors. Swap knitted and felted swatches with friends, sew up your squares, and make a cozy blanket to keep you warm all winter! Find more info about my book on http://www.wisecrafthandmade.com/my-book/

Posted by Blair S. from Seattle, Washington, United States • Published See Blair S.'s 7 projects »
  • Step 1

    To knit one square. Cast on 45 stitches.

  • Step 2

    Knit every row for a basic square, or as you desire if you are able to do more complicated stitches. Using a ruler, measure your square periodically to make sure it becomes a square and bind off when it is. My squares were 8" x 8".

  • Step 3

    Cut felted sweaters in squares the same size as the knitted squares.

  • Step 4

    Once you have all your squares completed, use a tabletop or cleared floor to lay out your squares until you are happy with the color placement. (It's helpful to take a picture of the layout when you're done.)

  • Step 5

    Using a yarn needle with coordinating color of yarn, sew the squares together using a mattress stitch. To create this stitch, place 2 squares side by side, right sides up, on your work surface. Leaving a long tail, and always working from back to front, insert the needle at the bottom right corner of the square on the left side. Next, inserting the needle from back to front, take a stitch on the bottom left corner of the right square. If you tug at both the long tail and the yarn end you are working with, the stitches will bring the two squares together evenly. Continue using this stitch to connect all the squares together. Tie off all the yarns and weave in the ends.

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