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Knit The Perfect Mini Trendy Shawl

A great project for knitting beginners • Posted by Estelle C.

Learn how to knit a mini version of the famous trendy shawl.

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Learn how to knit a mini version of the famous trendy shawl.


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    Cast on 3 stitches on the needle. Knit these 3 stitches. * Turn the work over Place the yarn between the two first stitches (2). Transfer the first stitch to the right needle without knitting it (3 & 4). This is the secret to a knit turn over with the garter stitch.

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    Place the string at the back and start knitting the stitches until you have only one stitch left on the left needle. We will now make an increase at the end of the row. The most difficult here is to see which stitch you have to pick. You will catch it by lifting the string with your left needle. It is the string on the front side between the stitch on the right needle and the stitch on the left needle. See below (5). Catch the back of the stitch with the right needle (6) and knit it (7). You have one stitch left on your left needle (8).

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    Finish the row by knitting the last stitch (9&10).* Repeat the steps between * until you reach the end of your ball minus 2m. You will see your triangle grow with each row and increase (11).

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    You then need to bind off your stitches to finish the shawl. To keep the elasticity of your shawl, a special technique is needed to bind off loosely. Knit the first two stitches (1 & 2). They are now on your right needle (3). Insert the left hand needle into the two stitches on the right hand needle, on top of the right needle as shown (4).

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    Yarn over and knit as if the two stitches were only one (5). You will end up with only one stitch on your right needle (6). Repeat until the end of the row. You will obtain a neat finish as shown on (7 & 8). Fasten off your yarn. You are done!