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Knit a small Knit Knack to jazz up your outfits.
My mum loves knitting and is always trying to get me to knit things so we came up with this little quirky idea.

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  • Step 1

    Get a ball of DK wool in whatever colour you like.
    I choose Lilac.

    make sure you have 2 Toothpicks
    Also find youself 2 small beads that have a hole in them about the size of a toothpick.

  • Step 2

    take your 2 toothpicks and 2 beads.
    using scissors snip the end off of both toothpicks [only at one side of each].
    either force the bead onto the cut side or using a little bit of glue in the bead glue it to the end of the toothpick.

    This should make your knitting needles look like miniature knitting needles.

  • Step 3

    Get thin knitting needles
    I used Size 12
    [any size around that will have the same effect.]

  • Step 4

    Cast on 12 Stitches.

  • Step 5

    Keep Knitting until you have knitted 7 rows.

  • Step 6

    On your 8th row only knit half way [6 Stitches]

  • Step 7

    Nows the tricky bit.
    Carefully slip the 6 stitches you have just knitted off of the knitting needle and onto one of the toothpicks.

  • Step 8

    once it is on slip the other 6 stitches from the other knitting needle onto the other toothpick.

  • Step 9

    fold the knitting in half so the toothpicks are lined up.

  • Step 10

    before cutting your knitting off of the ball leave a lengthy tail of wool and wrapping it around your fingers in a figure 8 motion tightly tie them up
    then push them onto the end of the toothpicks to hold your knitting in place.

  • Step 11

    The last step is up to you.
    you can either attach a link to your knitting and put it on a necklace or do what i did and buy a 1 inch broach pin and sew it onto the back of the knitting.

    Have fun :)

  • Step 12

    almost there.
    with the tail of wool you had from the start use this to darn the two halves together to keep it in place.

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