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Kitty Treats Jar How-To
So I had like...
2 hours after work to make a gift for someone who was doing
a housewarming for an abused/neglected cat then next day.

Thus Kitty Treat Jar was born.

We have cats so most my supplies were at home (remember, always wash any washable toys given to a new kitty as some will spray if they smell another cat on it!)
Our toys were never really touched and washed super well. Bargin bins at pet stores are also super for this.

Posted by Dark Ligress from Tigard, Oregon, United States • Published See Dark Ligress's 6 projects »

  • How to make a pet toy. Kitty Treat Jar - Step 1
    Step 1

    Get Treats for the Kitty Jar (catnip, bonito flakes, and some cat toys and treats were in mine)

    I placed the treats etc in small bags found in craft stores but even tied sandwich bags would do ( gotta keep em fresh!)

  • Step 2

    Determine what size jar it will take to fit all the treats.
    Then get the clear jar and clean it (I used a clear 'canned chilli' jar of some sort- but a ball jar could work or any clear jar with a twist on top.) The top being easy to get on/off would be good if possible.

    [This is great if you recycle glass jars already as then it is free, but if not they are not hard to find.]

  • How to make a pet toy. Kitty Treat Jar - Step 3
    Step 3

    Choose an image/ text to put on the top of your lid. I called mine Kitty Treats as the cats name is actually "Kitty" and I thought it would be cute.

    Use glue/tacky and glue the picture/text you chose on the lid. (Mine was just a blurry photo I took, threw into a photo editor, added text "Kitty Treats" ovelayed on it), but you could just paint or write on it if you'd like.

    This is the picture I used.(Feel free to use this image here for this project only please).

  • How to make a pet toy. Kitty Treat Jar - Step 4
    Step 4

    Paint around the edges and any part of the jar top you dont want to see (I used nailpolish in several coats-as it wasn't very nice anymore as I didn't have much else to work with)

    Decorate it how you like, I found making dots in silver fancied it up =D

    Let dry according to how long the paint usually dries at ( my nail polish took about 45 min)

    I was told later sealing this with a clear sealer would of been a good idea, thats up to you as it will last longer sealed.

  • How to make a pet toy. Kitty Treat Jar - Step 5
    Step 5

    Tie/tape a bow on the jar if wanted

    (I curled my own cheapy ribbon I had picked up before and just tacked it with strong tape at the bottom since this was a temp jar for someone I barely know and I just wanted to dress it up a little xD)

  • How to make a pet toy. Kitty Treat Jar - Step 6
    Step 6

    ~Arrange treats inside so it looks nice~

    Screw top on in such way it highlights the best treats in front (optional)

  • How to make a pet toy. Kitty Treat Jar - Step 7
    Step 7

    ~Kitty Treats Jar complete! ~

    Go give it to a needy kitty (owner)!

    ( I now notice I shoulda retouched as you can still see red top under the green paint...whoops. Ehehe. It wasn't really noticable and the reciever was pleased though ;)



Traya R.
Traya R.
my cat loving aunt loved this craft i sent it to her and she is obsessed with it
its also a perfecet gift
Jiska · Zwolle, Overijssel, NL · 6 projects
This is so cute! A very original gift Happy
Dark Ligress
Dark Ligress · Tigard, Oregon, US · 6 projects
Thanks! Bonito is a dried fish flake...our cats go nuts for em, we have to hide the container or they try to chew it ;)
Rae Rae The Jet Plane
Rae Rae The Jet Plane · Los Angeles, California, US · 1 project
Nice...What's bonito?

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