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10 mins

microwaveable potato chips.
a nice salty snack, and easy too!

I like these with sour cream!

[more cut out and keep inspired recipies coming soon]

Posted by michelle G. from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada • Published See michelle G. 's 1253 projects »

You Will Need

  • Step 1

    peel the potatoes

    slice potatoes approximately 1/16-inch to 1/8 inch-thick.

    rinse the potatoes twice

    Sprinkle sliced potatoes with salt

    place the sliced potatoes flat on the tray in a single layer. use microwave-safe casserole dish. Rub the inside of the dish with some olive oil or spray with non-stick cooking spray.

    Cover with a microwaveable cover. Microwave on HIGH for 4 minutes; turn slices over and continue to microwave on high another 3 to 5 minutes. Potatoes are done when they are lightly browned (if they aren't browned, they won't get crisp).

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Bethany B.
Bethany B. · Asbury Park, New Jersey, US · 1 project
wow, does this really work??
Amber D.
Amber D. · Salem, Oregon, US
Very interesting! I'll have to give this one a go.
bittyandbunny · Lincoln Park, Michigan, US · 6 projects
i tried these last night and they're delicious! how did i not ever think of this before?? Happy i love the ideas of sweet potatoes and apples.....
i wonder what else it could work with? maybe zucchini and carrots? yummmmmm.....
Candice C.
Candice C. · Wylie, Texas, US · 49 projects
I tried sweet potatoes this morning - not bad. 1st round I did with cinnamon and brown sugar and the 2nd batch with just salt. I liked the 2nd better. they never really browned, just kinda got more orange but still crispy after cooling off... as far as the thinner slices went. I think I'll try apples next!
PB · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
MICROWAVES ARE MY HERO!! Besides my friend Elbow. He's my real hero. But that's beside the point.
Rae Rae The Jet Plane
Rae Rae The Jet Plane · Los Angeles, California, US · 1 project
My cat is in LOVE with potato chips. Now I can make him some with less salt. Thanks!
Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
hmmm i think I found my new late night snack! hmmmm I think i will melt some cheese on them too Happy
I had no idea you could do chips in the microwave. Way cool!
Riechan · Limbourg, Walloon Region, BE · 21 projects
Now I can make chips on my dorm !!!!
whiiiiiiiii Now I love patatoes !!!
(don't like to eat them but in chips I do !)
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
I was thinking the same
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