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DIY Jute Wrapped Monogram
One of my top priorities on the dining room project list is to personalize the space with art and accessories. What’s more personal than a monogram? I love monograms because they are a great decor item, they are personal, and give an opportunity to introduce color and texture.

When I made the wood veneer monogram for the family gallery wall, I had purchased two sizes of paper-maché letters. The smaller of the two was the perfect size for the gallery wall. The larger 24? H was relegated to live amongst the random stuff collecting on top of the armoire in the dining room. It made itself at home and I liked it there. I even kind of liked the brown paper look against the teal walls. I almost left the letter raw, but you know I can never leave well enough alone. This time I am glad I didn’t.

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  • How to make a letter. Jute Wrapped Monogram - Step 1
    Step 1

    I was inspired by the natural look of the brown paper letter, but wanted to add some texture. I picked up the jute twine from Home Depot. I played around with wrapping the letter. I started to wish it had straighter lines, because those ends were tricky to wrap. I also started to get bored with the all jute look pretty fast. Too much brown.

  • How to make a letter. Jute Wrapped Monogram - Step 2
    Step 2

    I started to crave some color…lime of course. I really love the look of dipped furniture with a mix of raw natural tones and a pop of color, like this yellow tipped chair. I decided to use that inspiration to color the tips of my monogram. I spray painted just the top and bottom six inches of the letter H with Krylon Ivy Leaf in gloss. No need to waste spray paint covering the whole thing. After about three coats I got a nice glossy lime coverage.

  • How to make a letter. Jute Wrapped Monogram - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now back to the jute for some texture. I wrapped the unpainted parts of the letter with the jute. I started on one side and wrapped tightly towards the middle. I did the other half of the same side and then repeated on the other side of the H. I wrapped jute in the opposite direction around the middle. Finally, I wrapped all the way across and around the middle. It looks like the jute is all wrapped in the same horizontal fashion. The first wrapping around the middle covers the bottom and top of the middle section.

    The lime tips and the raw texture of the jute look amazing against the deep teal on the dining room walls. I photographed it resting on the DIY board and batten (don’t worry you did not miss the big board and batten reveal, it still needs another coat of paint). I have other plans for the final location of the monogram, but before we get to that I need to clean off the random stuff from the top of the armoire.

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