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Do you know how I got these stitches...?
Continuing my Batman Bats Villains Series: This is based very heavily on the original clowny Joker, not the Heath Ledger, Dark Knight version. See my Batman Bat for photo steps but the process is the same.

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  • Step 1

    The basic body:
    Using a 3.5mm (E) hook, CH2/ magic ring in purple.
    Round 1: 6sc into centre of 2nd stitch from hook/ magic ring [6]
    Round 2: INC around [12]
    Round 3: [1sc, INC] Repeat around [18]
    Round 4: [2sc, INC] Repeat around [24]
    Round 5: Sc around [24]
    Switch to green
    Round 6 – 7: Sc around [24]
    Round 8: [2sc, DEC] Repeat around [18]
    Round 9: [1sc, DEC] Repeat around [12]
    Switch to orange
    Round 10: DEC around [6]
    Stuff firmly
    Switch to peach
    Round 11: INC around [12]
    Round 12: [1sc, INC] Repeat around [18]
    Round 13: [2sc, INC] Repeat around [24]
    Round 14 – 15: Sc around [24]
    Switch to green
    Round 16: Sc around [24]
    Round 17: [2sc, DEC] Repeat around [18]
    Round 18: [1sc, DEC] Repeat around [12]
    Round 19: DEC around [6]
    Finish off, stuff firmly and sew the hole closed.

  • Step 2

    Tail coat (not seen great on the photo, but you can just see the little tails at the bottom on the photo above):

    Jacket body
    Ch16 in purple

    Rows 1 – 5: 15sc starting in second chain from hook [15] ch1, turn
    Row 6: 15sc starting in second chain from hook [15]
    Finish off leaving long tail for sewing.

    Jacket tails (make two)
    Ch5 in purple
    Rows 1-3: 4sc starting in second chain from hook [3] ch1, turn
    Row 4: DEC, DEC [2] ch1, turn
    Row 5: 2sc
    Finish off and sew to middle of jacket body.

    Sew the completed jacket around the body section, lining up where the tails meet the jacket body with the colour change from purple to green.

  • How to stitch a knit or crochet keyring. Joker Bat Keyring - Step 3
    Step 3


    Sew on eyes, nose and (erm, name needed!) line with black wool/ embroidery thread, and mouth with red wool/ embroidery thread. Sew a line down the front of the shirt/waistcoat to show the split in black wool/ embroidery thread.

    Make wings in green felt (or you could skip the coat section entirely and go for purple).

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