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low on presents? Need some cash? Crochet a scarf in a flash!
Alright, so I learned on Sunday night, and I've already started [and in some cases finished] around 10 crochet projects. Its damn awesome.

I always made fun of people who crochet and knit, calling the, "old ladies" or saying "when's the next bingo tournament"

but its SERIOUSLY satisfying... especially when you get compliments on something you made.

I finished my gray hat [last pictures] in second period today [wednesday] and I got compliments on it alraedy around 5 times.

It was actually kind of funny because someone said "I HAVE THAT HAT!".

I'm thinking... no... no you dont... lol. :D

Personally, its SO EASY! I know now around 5 different crochet things...

but... My "friend" has been crocheting for YEARS now and she... kind of sucks. Like, it takes her forever to make a scarf or a hat, and for me it takes a few hours and it looks a lot more even and cleaner than hers...

I don't know if I'm just awesome, or if she just sucks? Hmm... I hope its the former, cause that'd be awesome. :D

[btw. I call her "friend" because she is an aquaintence more than a friend, but I've sat next to her for two years in class and we've talked.]

OHH OHH OHH! This year, since everyone is really down in the dumps with the economy and all that situation, this is ALSO GREAT for gifts. I'm making TONS of

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Amanda Wicked
Amanda Wicked · Sacramento, California, US
I LOVE crocheting! I want to learn to knit. I get the concept, I just need to get the tools. Crocheting is such an awesome hobby, it's one of my favorites
Godlesscupcake · Dublin, Dublin, IE · 5 projects
Oh totally. I knitted in secret for years before it was considered cool and I always was kind of mystified by crochet. Last year my MIL showed me how to crochet and I felt like a huge dork because it's so much easier than knitting and I'm waaaaayyyyyy better at it. Now I get compliments on the stuff I make. Someone totally thought a hat I made was from one of those preppy stores at the mall (totally made me giggle in private) which defeated the point of making it but which was still kinda flattering. This leaves me wondering? When is crochet gonna get the respect it deserves?
Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
HA HA I JUST left a comment on the board about you posting some of the stuff you made!! this is amazing!! Happy Make me something Happy

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