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Based on Jeans To Skirt by Veenessar
this project was a life saver!

So i had these beautiful jeans that were my favorite and i wore them all the time (not literally) but yesterday, i went to my friend's house, and we were playing 21, and i bent over to pick up the basketball and my beautiful jeans ripped :( right in the crotch! this has happened with many of my jeans but this time, it made me very sad so i was determined to find a way to make them into something new i can still wear.

So basically, i just adore this project because it's easy, it saved my jeans' life and i know now what i can do the next time my jeans get a hole in the crotch area where my legs rub together (which is really the only place my jeans ever do rip) .

Thank you Veenessar!!!! :D

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Sweet C.
Sweet C. · Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, CL · 5 projects
hi Krista! loved the way you made the straight seam on the front!!!

didn't understand the explanation, though Happy
Krista W.
Krista W. · 4 projects
thank you Happy
Charlotamy · Nederland, Colorado, US · 3 projects
It just looks like you bought it in a shop or something. (As a skirt, I mean)
I'm impressed^^
Susanna P.
Susanna P. · Rome, Lazio, IT · 43 projects
thank you Krista! I'll give it a try ;)
Veenessar · Ipswich, England, GB · 19 projects
Looking good! Happy Like the straight seam too

Vee xxx
Krista W.
Krista W. · 4 projects
ya, i noticed that too and didn't like it :S
making it straight is actually pretty easy, let's say you're putting the left side flap over the right side, fold the left side flap so that it's straight down and lay it on top of the right side flap. i found if i pulled at the bottom of the flap, a couple inches in, it created a straight line down so i knew where to fold. then i folded the piece under, and pinned it in place. so you basically have three layers now. i found it was easiest to pin when i was wearing it.

I hope this helps! Happy
Susanna P.
Susanna P. · Rome, Lazio, IT · 43 projects
nice job! how did you manage to have that front seem straight? in the original and in the other version ( as well as in all other project of this kind) that seem is always...oblique so that you can tell it was a pair of jeans before... and I don't like it!
please explain u__u
thanks a lot!

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