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turn your old jeans into a cute wallet! :)
i was at a friend's house and found this jean pocket and thought it would make a great wallet! hope you like it! :)

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  • Step 1

    cut out a pocket from your old jeans.

  • Step 2

    cut out patches from different colored fabric.

  • Step 3

    glue them on your wallet. i layered some of mine to make it look natural.

  • Step 4

    next cut up some playing cards. and glue on in different places.

  • Step 5

    sew a button on the inside top of the wallet. right in front of the button on the other flap cut a hole big enough so the button can fit through. (this will make it so you can keep it closed)

  • Step 6

    to cover up the stiches, put cut ups of the playing cards over them. (see picture)

  • Step 7

    now for the ribbon. cut it the langh you want and tie a knot to the top. braid. when it is braided, tie a knot to the bottom. glue the knots down to the wallet.

  • Step 8

    when dry, cut up small pieces of fabric and wrap around the braid. glue in place.

    and voila! you have a jean wallet!=^.^=

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