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Jam Sponge Cake

The best easy and quick sponge cake recipe • Posted by campaspe

Why buy a cake when you can bake one so easily

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Why buy a cake when you can bake one so easily


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    This cake is made entirely by robot or beater. Weigh all the ingredients before starting the recipe. - Preheat the thermostat oven 7. - Separate the egg yolks from the whites and put the latter in a bowl .Mount them in firm snow. - Add the sugar, then the egg yolks, then the flour previously mixed with the baking powder., mixing briefly after each addition. - Pour into a buttered mould - Cook 30 minutes thermostat 6

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    - Let the cake cool. - Melt in the microwave 200g chocolate with 100g butter. Mix well - Cut the cake in two layers and spread the chocolate mix on the lowest layer. Cover with the other layer -Melt the leftover butter and chocolate and spread on the cake - Decorate the cake with icing sugar sprinkled on cut paper