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get a magic wand from an old pen!!!! and you can still use it!!!
I made this wand that can be used as a pen. sound hard but it real easy. please post your versions as it will make me happy.

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  • Step 1

    Grab a pen. cover it with one layer of clay. smooth it out with water.

  • Step 2

    take a big piece and roll it into a ball and stick on the end. add water to smooth it all out and to make it stick.

  • Step 3

    roll a piece out into a snake shape. then wrap it around the wand. add water to it to smooth it out.

  • Step 4

    let it dry.

  • Step 5

    paint. I used normal acrylic paint.

  • Step 6

    let it dry

  • Step 7

    paint flowers and dot or stripes and stars on for decoration.

  • Step 8

    let it dry

  • Step 9

    cover in varnish

  • Step 10

    let it dry

  • Step 11

    check pen works still. if not cover the end with a bit of clay and paint it

  • Step 12

    yay you have followed my steps and are going to make one.

  • Step 13

    make it. post your version

  • Step 14

    visit my other projects

  • Step 15

    have a choccy biccy and coffe. go on you deserve it!!!

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