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iPod Shuffle Gum Cosy

Disguse your iPod shuffle as a packet of gum with this crafty tutorial. • Posted by Cat Morley

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    Start by drawing out a pattern on to cardboard. Simply draw around the iPod shuffle, making sure to draw each of the sides that go together in one big template. Leave a rectangle at the top for the flap. If anyone has any problems I can put up my template.

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    Cut out the template and score along the edges. Fold the template in to the iPod shuffle shape, making sure that the iPod will fit nice and snug.

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    Now the fun part, pick a bubble gum wrapper that you like. I needed to use two gum packet wrappers, but I'm sure you can get bigger ones. Glue the wrapper to your cardboard template.

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    Cut off all the excess wrapper and make sure it's all neat. Fold it back up and glue the ends together (I found it best to use super glue). Use a small piece of Velcro or a popper to lock down the flap.