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Based on Ipod Sandwhich Cover by Phuong N.
I made this Cover for my Ipod Touch 2nd Gen.
~ I liked the idea but wanted something a little more sturdy.
~ Mine is made out of some old fabric with cardboard to reinforce it.
~ This version also doesn't swing open you just slide the Ipod in/ out.
~ It took me more like 3 hours to complete.... just because I really had to think about the lay out, Also I have really unsteady hands when I'm painting (GO FIGURE >.>) So I had to take extra time to put the paint on (Because like a fool I painted after assembly)

~Old Fabric
~Hot Glue Gun
~Acrylic paint

~ Cut out a template depending on the size of the Ipod
~ Cut out fabric for bread 2 pieces
~ Cut out cardboard pieces slightly smaller but in the same shape as your bread.
~ Hot glue gun the bread fabric to the bread cardboard,with the side you want showing facing out. Repeat
~ Now cut out a Piece of "cheese" alot wider then your bread. (This is what is going to hold the Ipod in) Lay your Ipod on the bread on the side you don't want showing and drape the "cheese" over it. Now with tucking in and leaving a slight amount of fabric loose. Begin to Hot Glue down the cheese around your Ipod. ( this Won't harm the Ipod)
~Now take the extra lengths of "cheese" and glue some cardboard to the side you want facing down. Make sure you tuck in and Glue the extra "cheese" onto the other side.
~Right now if you turn your sandwich face down it dosen't look very good. We are going to fix that by adding the lettuce. Glue Squiigly strips of green to the underside of the sandwich. Where you can see the Cardboard and the "cheese"
~ Now glue the Tomato's onto the back of the "cheese" with your ipod still in the slip.
~ Then just add the last piece of bread. 'O'

Don't forget to pain before you start assembly otherwise it is pain staking trying not to get paint on the other fabrics.

~ To get the eyes so round I used an old Paint tube lid, dipped in black paint then painted in the rest of the circle.

I hope you enjoy it =3

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