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Revamp your Boring Ipod Cover!
A super easy way to revamp a boring Ipod cover! Try to use a ligth colored cover, since the sharpie won't show up wellnon dark covers. I warn you, If you want a permanent design, it will come off. So you might only want this for a special day. I also tried nail polish, but it peeled off. It was free since I had all my supplies. First project! Hope you like!

Posted by Black Fire from Shanghai, Shanghai, China • Published See Black Fire's 4 projects »
  • Step 1

    Take your Sharpie, or another brand of permanent marker, and draw designs on your cover. This wont last very long, and might leave a mark on the cover. So after you take it off, use some rubbing alcohol/nail polish remover, and clean it off.

    (As a note, some of the designs on my cover are made from nail polish. As that peeled off, I used Sharpies instead).

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