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for the incredibly hipster girl in your life
needed to test out a stenciling technique so i made this c:

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Corvii · 1 project
It's a very nice project indeed. And I like the inverted cross the most. From the pics, it looks like it turned out crisp and clean! But I have to say, that it's disturbing to me to see that this is the second project I've seen here, where someone seems to have a problem with an inverted cross on a project. I mean, so many of us non-religious folks see the christian cross, and can only remember how many innocent souls have been massacred and executed throughout history, in the name of god and under that symbol (Jesus included), and we hardly make a fuss about seeing it everywhere. I'm sorry if I'm being too harsh, but it just bugs me that someone who posts a decent project for the rest of us, is always made to feel like a jerk and have to apologize for sharing it... linda. your post is appreciated, regardless of who's cross it belongs to! Thanks for posting!
Party Kitten
Party Kitten · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 1 project
I'm so gonna make this!
linda. · 27 projects
Oh goodness, it was never meant to offend christians or anyone, for that matter. I know that an inverted cross is the cross of st peter.

I'm so sorry if I offended you!
Supernova's Child
Supernova's Child · Lisbon, Lisbon, PT · 98 projects
Dig the fact that you stenciled it, dig the cut of the top, not digging the symbol. Unless it's supposed to be the Cross of St Peter, then we're good, lol.
Not trying to make you mad or anything, it's just that people who think it's cool to purposely offend christians (or any religious affiliation) really offend me.

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