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A cute, Gir pillow made in no time at all :) Just something I was inspired to do!
This is a really cute way to add some splash to your room. :) You don't have to use my patterns.
The gray in the eyes in my pattern means to make it a different color :)

I ONLY OWN THE MAIN PHOTOS OF THE ACTUAL FINISHED PILLOW! I did this project before I made a how to.. I found all of the how to pictures on google.

Posted by Gabrielle M. from Panama City Beach, Florida, United States • Published

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  • Step 1

    First,- (this is just something I suggest, but it's not necessary)- you should to find a pillow case that fits your pillow.

  • Step 2

    You now need your fabrics. You will want one side of your pillow case, and the material for your design.
    DO NOT PUT YOUR PILLOW CASE TOGETHER YET! YOU WANT ONE SIDE ONLY! (Just sayin', I seam ripped this about 6 times.)

  • Step 3

    I hemmed the sides of my pillow fabric to the size it would be when I sewed it together.
    But, you can just draw a pencil line to where the front of your pillow case is going to end.

  • Step 4

    Now, print/ trace the picture you're using onto your design fabric.

    I have a flat screen, so I turned my brightness all the way up, zoomed in on the photo I chose. Then, I lay my fabric on my screen and copied it that way.

  • Step 5

    Cut out the design (I suggest making eyes/buttons a different colored material than the design fabric.)

  • Step 6

    Pin, and sew your fabric onto the place you want on your pillow.

  • Step 7

    Sew your pillow up, and you're done!



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