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Love Instagram and post all your photos on the fridge? Then use this nifty Instagram-mag to frame your selfies and awesome sceneries!
Pin up your pictures with this clever Instagram magnetic frame; using different instagram printscreens to suit every occasion :)

Posted by Kay Bay from London, United Kingdom • Published See Kay Bay's 23 projects »
  • How to make a mixed media. Insta Mag!  - Step 1
    Step 1

    The first thing you've got to think about is print screening your intended Instagram post. You can either create a new one you think will be relevant to your photos (such as captioning a photo with 'besties' if you want to stick up a picture of you and your mates.

    Take your printscreened picture in to Powerpoint and crop until you get the section you want (putting a white square with a outline over the picture in the centre to save yourself ink; that is unless you just want to print the whole magnet a.k.a. cheating ;) )

  • Step 2

    Here's the tricky part; seeing which way your printer prints and how to orientate your magnetic photo paper!

    On a scrap piece of paper make a mark on one side of the paper then test print your instagram picture on to this.

    This will tell you if your printer turns it upside down and all ways before printing. I personally found that I had to put my magnetic photo paper in magnet side up to be able to print correctly.

    Once you've got this figured out; print!

  • How to make a mixed media. Insta Mag!  - Step 3
    Step 3

    Using a ruler and a pen, mark out around your white area to make a correct frame (leaving about a 5mm rim all around so that your magnet won't be too flimsy).

  • How to make a mixed media. Insta Mag!  - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now you need to cut it out. Take your scissors and follow the lines you marked out earlier.

    To cut out the centre square where the picture goes, you can either use a scalpel to neatly trim this square or carefully use your scissors bein cautious of tears and rips.

  • How to make a mixed media. Insta Mag!  - Step 5
    Step 5

    Neaten up the edges of the magnet and then by jingo you've got it!

    Take your magnet and your developed pictures and stick it to the fridge or any magnet surface you can find!

    Have fun insta-magging ;)

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