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My first, albeit overambitious, weaving project.
I created an Inkle weaving pattern at: http://www.carolingianrealm.info/PatternGenerator.php

My guitar strap has 89 warp threads. I found that my loom could not support this many threads without having the tension way too tight. I ended up warping up using the loom and weaving a few rows before cutting it and clamping the working end in place to the tension bar and tying the warp threads around one of the posts.

The majority of the time was taken warping up. After this the weaving went pretty quickly. This is the reason for the so-so difficulty rating too. It is way too easy to mess up the pattern while warping up. If you do a simpler pattern it would but much quicker and easier.
I am guessing for the time. I know I spent at least three hours warping up my loom, but this included me having to start again partway through.

I used Patons Australia Regal cotton which fuzzed up a little and didn't have the sort of colours I would have liked to use.

I finished the ends by sewing back and forth across them with my machine. Then I removed the leather and plastic pieces from my storebought strap and stitched my strap in place.

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