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I will travel light years to get to where I belong
this is a result of my recent discovery, about how...
Well, that I don't belong and theres a better place out there somewhere in the universe.
It was also an assuagement for my Drawing 2 class. It had to have text on it, and so I put a parody of "Go the Distance" (from Disney's "Hercules".)
The Parody goes:

"I have often dreamed,
Of a far off world,
Where a great warm welcome,
Would be waiting for me...
A place where they all will cheer,
When I arrive;
And they all will say,
"This is where you always belonged!"

I will be there someday,
I will travel light years.
God will take me there,
If I'm a good girl.
I know everyday,
I get closer to that place.
One day, I will go the distance,
And I will be right where I belong!

Through a cold, sinful world;
To get to that place,
and though the world will hurt me,
God's grace will lead me home.
And If I live till 90,
It will be worth the wait,
Because I will have earned my reward.

No, I won't look back,
Or let them pull me down,
I will survive,
I will leave when I'm ready!
Not a day early;
No I won't lose hope
I will go the distance,
Until I'm back on my throne!

But to look beyond the Pain is the hardest part,
But the will to go on,
is what makes someone strong!

Like a shooting star,
I will travel the universe.
I will face this world,
And a life time of its hurt.
I don't care how long,
I will wait.
For the day when I go home to the place I belong!

I will face this world,
and a lifetime of hurt.
If it means I go back to the Land Hidden in the Elements..."

As I typed this, I almost cried. This picture means a lot to me. If you don't understand it and want to know more, please message me.

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