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My take on the statement bag the judith leiber cupcake clutch :)
ok so Ive always loved statement bags and purses but the cupcake clutch has definately caught my eye. Its had its fair share of celebs sporting the clutch including katy perry and was spotted in sex and the city the movie aswell as being worn by many a glee star. The bag would set you back in the region of nearly 5 grand at full price!I would have to be crazy to spend that on a clutch bag. so as you can guess I applied the crafters creed (dont buy anything you think you could make ). It was the most difficult clay project I had attempted. It weighs about 1.5 killograms. the original was metal, this is air dry clay, the original was covered in crystals mine is covered in fake rinestones :/ Mine is smaller and a little impractical i guess. so why make it then ? well it may set me up to produce a more developed design from fabric. this model is so cute and kitsch and ideal for fancy dress too. Its a statement no doubt. the project isnt for the faint hearted, its stressful I won't lie but with ok results. For my age Im rather impressed I managed to replicate a 5 grand bag with ok ish results.

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  • How to make a novetly bag. Immitation Cupcake Clutch :) - Step 1
    Step 1

    first roll out and knead your air dry clay. using a roll of sellotape cut round it to make a base. this is the foundation which you will build around. It needs to be around 2cm in height. using a paint brush wet the circle and smooth it across to remove imperfections and small cracks which compromise the base.

  • How to make a novetly bag. Immitation Cupcake Clutch :) - Step 2
    Step 2

    ok now you have a reliable base use your excess clay and split into 2 big lumps. the first lump will be for the cupcake case the second for the frosting. start like your building a pot with sloping walls. build it around your base. (consult the diagram for any help ) you need to keep smoothing water over cracked areas.

  • How to make a novetly bag. Immitation Cupcake Clutch :) - Step 3
    Step 3

    when you have built up the basic shape and smoothed water over it to eliminate cracks, you need to decide if theres any areas that need extra clay if so smooth the clay in to support the shape. to create the pleats of the cupcake shape pinch the edge with your fingers to make a v shape. repeat this till all the cupcake is pleated. smooth inbetween each crease with a sculpting tool making lines.

  • How to make a novetly bag. Immitation Cupcake Clutch :) - Step 4
    Step 4

    ok so now leave the base to one side and make a start on the frosting. make a large clay roll of about 40 cm and make a coil. makesure to pinch the top to give a whipped look, then add lots of water to keep it together ensure you press the coil together. then place it on the top of a beaker to curve.

  • Step 5

    ok so when everything is dry, choose a colour for the top, I chose pink frosting and a yellow base. so paint everything, and while its still wet pour fine pink glitter and fine yellow glitter over the top and bottom of the cupcake, go nuts makes it look more pricy. then make 2 holes either side of the case (this is where the chain will go.

  • Step 6

    while the clay is a little damp, use some super glue and glue on a tiny hinge. For the front I used a loop of elastic and secured it to the roof of the frosting and a button to make a clasp. then use some strong gold chain to make the handle. Glue a tonne of rhine stones to the frosting and add a little pink bow and poof done. hair spray the frosting to keep the glitter secure.

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cute Happy
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awww sooo cut adorable

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