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(girl) All those day, Living in pain, All those years, Outside wanting in, All that time, With nothing to really gain. When I'm there, Where the sunsets Crimson, When I'm there, Suddenly I belong. But when I'm here, it's all so clear, There's just one thing missing. And I wish that you were here, So that the fog can lift, And I wish that you were here, So that the sky can be blue, With you it's real and true, And my world is not so blue. All I wanted was something diffrent, then I met you. (Boy) All those days, Dreaming of something, All those years, Living with the Pain, All that time, Not really knowing if things would get better, When your here, Where the sunset's crimson, When your Here, I am complete, When your here it's crystal clear, Your everything I hold dear. (both) And I wish that you were here, (boy) So the fog can lift (both) And I wish that you were here, (girl) So that the sky can be blue (both) And though by day we are apart, but by night we'll be in each other's arms. All I wanted, was something new, then I met you.. Then I met you...
I drew this based off a dream I had.

I used to be sad about being single, but then I had a dream where I met my soulmate. Every night when I had a dream, it was like a date for "us". And now I don't feel so alone. I don't care if it's real or not because my feelings are real, and I feel like his are too.

I got the image in my head driving home from school, and was some how able to get that exact image on the paper, and then I made it better.

The words around the two figures are lyrics to a parody of "I see the light" from Tangled. It's titled "I wish you were here" because that's the name of the Parody and it's the way I feel.
Everyone in my drawing class loved it, and as I explained the meaning, I fought back tears in my eyes.
I hope when people see this they feel as much love and passion as I felt drawing it.

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