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Ever wana cut off someones head without having to clean up? Well now you can!
Please show me responses to this! This is a great way to let off anger...sense im a pasafist/vegan/pansexual i refuse to harm any living thing or fight anyone so sometimes when im angry i need an outlet and heres one of many! hope this helps some of you people calm down and make somthing fun!

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  • How to make a collages. "I Hate You" Collage - Step 1
    Step 1

    First My little anger filled children,collect your weapon(scissors) and pictures of the ones you despise! (or you can get an ugly picture of your self you just cant look at anymore)=p

  • How to make a collages. "I Hate You" Collage - Step 2
    Step 2

    Grab your picture and start cutting off their heads! MUHAHA! (dont literally cut off someones head or you will make fred the bunny will cry!)

    Note:Cut until the face isnt visble!

  • How to make a collages. "I Hate You" Collage - Step 3
    Step 3

    You should put all of your cut up pictures into a big bag!

  • How to make a collages. "I Hate You" Collage - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now draw a picture for your collage. (I drew a face so if you want to learn how to make one ill show you in another tutorial later)

    Note: it can be a simple drawing too like a circle or a heart.)

  • How to make a collages. "I Hate You" Collage - Step 5
    Step 5

    Now glue your pics to the paper it a shape you made!

    Note:start at the bottom so its easier to work your way up

  • How to make a collages. "I Hate You" Collage - Step 6
    Step 6

    Put mod podge all over it and your done! wala! you just made an "I hate you" collage!

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SugarNSpiceLily · East Rutherford, New Jersey, US · 11 projects
That's clever!
Abbey Acid
Abbey Acid · Winters, California, US · 10 projects
I'm gonna show my friend this one, she has anger management issues. She usually cuts up stuffed animals. She has dad problems, so do I. : (
Brooks Z.
Brooks Z. · Madison, Wisconsin, US · 74 projects
Wonderful (mwah ha hah ah a)
Kirky · Sparta, Tennessee, US · 16 projects
what does being pansexual have to do with not harming people?
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
I love this tutorial just for the words. xD
Naomi T.
Naomi T. · Mississauga, Ontario, CA
I am in one of those I hate people moods, so this is great. Thanks....
Linsey · Byrnes Mill, Missouri, US · 8 projects
I wish I would have thought about this before I burned all the pics I had of my ex a few years ago, lol
The Twins
The Twins · 9 projects
wow thats exactly what i need right now. thank you so much! wahahaha *evil laugher* wuhahahaa there you go *takes sissors and attackes a magazine, cause she hasnt pictures to cut*

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