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A cute detail for all your beloved ones
I did 10 of these because I wanted my closer people (my family, my bf and my best friends ever) to have something to remember how important they are to me, something they would be able to use and/or to enjoy and when they have a bad day, they could say "Ha! Ale gave me this one, because she loves me".

The problem is that whenever I get that corny, I cry (yes, I know, sometimes I'm a baby!!! <3), so, I did a general letter to make them feel the importance of this, but also to make them laugh:

"My life has always been full of angels, some of them picked up for me by God, some others He let me choose.

He also gave me an artistic eagerness, with which some days ago, I was able to make a good picture of all of them... wanna see it??? Tara!!! (I pasted the second picture shown above).

PS. Take your picture as a gift, I may not be the best artist, but I think is a good pic of you =D" and I pasted a charm to each letter.

I mean, the point is:

If we have this curious gift, lets show our love for the ones they're always there for us. You know they love you, and they know you love them, but, it's important to say it out loud more often.

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