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Guy's Button Up To Gathered Bow Top
Hula Hoop Rug Attempts
Plastic Bag Friendship Bracelets
I Killed Elmo Tee To Shawl
Some sad and not-so sad attempts at rug making.

When I found the Hula Hoop Rug idea online I tried it the same day. The second pair of pictures is my first hideous attempt that decided it wanted to be a basket, not a rug (note, don't weave too tightly...)
The first pair of photos is my second attempt that I made for a demonstration speech. It turned out much better.

*note, if you use the pattern I found online (which seems to be the most popular one), it has you using loops of fabric. However, if your shirt has seams running up the sides, the seam will have a tendency to break. I take strips of fabric and tie them to each other and find that to be more secure.

A 36" Diameter Freeform Crochet Rug

A 36" Diameter Freeform Crochet Rug

A 36" diameter crochet rug

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Woollen Pebble Mat

Woollen Pebble Mat

Vintage Home

♥ 8
Pompourri Rug

Pompourri Rug

Make a rug out of pom poms!

♥ 492
Turtle Rug

Turtle Rug

Sea turtle rug

♥ 9
 Crocheted Circles Rug

Crocheted Circles Rug

Cozy and colorful, like a massage for your feet.

♥ 4
How To Make A Rug With Fabric

How To Make A Rug With Fabric

Save yourself some money by creating a rug with outdoor fabric!

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That is a SUPER cool idea Happy

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