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A must need for any Hogwarts student!
Well, it's the premiere of Harry Potter 7 part 2 and I'm going to the midnight premiere! So, of course me and my friends are dressing up! I'm going as a Hufflepuff student. But looking into the costumes, they're soooo expensive! Even just getting a tie is like $20! So I just decided to make mine myself!
I purchased the tie at 99 cent only store. It's plain black and is 100% polyester. But Hufflepuff ties are yellow with black stripes so I had to make it yellow! I already had the other supplies, but if you need to buy them, it's not that much!
I used the blue painter's tape to create stripes on it. {You want to make the strips long enough to be able to peel them off.} After applying those, you take the paint and paint! You can paint over the tape {cuz you made it long enough to peel off} just make sure that the tape is stuck all the way down!
Since the tie is polyester, the paint dries super fast. I had to apply two coats to the yellow paint just so the black wouldn't be seen. {I didn't tape and paint the whole tie, just enough so when the tie is tied, it'll show the stripes on the knot too} After the paint is dry, peel the tape off carefully. You might need to use some black paint to touch up the stripes. {I used a paint pen cuz I loaned my friend my black paint}
I went online and printed out the Class Seal on regular printer paper{there's usually two versions of the Seal, but I liked this one better}. Cut it out and apply Mod Podge to the back of the seal, place it on the tie, and then apply the Mod Podge on and around the seal. let dry. {don't worry, it dries fast and clear.}

And there you go!! A beautiful new tie to wear as a Hufflepuff!! You can switch around colors for the other houses too! Happy Spells!

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Caaryn S.
Caaryn S. · 2 projects
I found a really ugly red and greyish striped tie at the thrift store soon after seeing this and used this technique to cover the greyish stripes with gold paint Happy It turned out really well, and I kinda love it even though I'm not a gryffindor. Thanks a lot for putting this on here otherwise I never would have thought of it Happy I'll try to put up a version soon
Leah S
Leah S · 11 projects
Recently been made a hufflepuff student (on Pottermore) and I am proud :'D
Basketbchic · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 11 projects
I used this to paint my gryffindor tie for the HP 7.2 Premiere, And it turned out AWESOME. I think I will put up a version soon!!!
Emily Ann
Emily Ann · Mesa, Arizona, US · 3 projects
exact reason why I made it KellBell! :]
KellBell · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 5 projects
awesome! this is so much cheaper than buying a hufflepuff tie from the internet.
Sarania · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 15 projects
This is very nicely painted Happy Well done!

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