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Never Spend Tons of Money on Hair Products AGAIN
I have dyed red hair and I admit I was hesitant to use this method at first because I feared for the dye in my hair. As you can see by photo #2, I have AMAZING hair (I'm also modest) and it's shiny, bright red and healthy.

Posted by Elizabeth R. from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia • Published See Elizabeth R.'s 3 projects »
  • How to make a shampoo / conditioner. How To Wash Your Hair With Baking Soda And Vinegar - Step 1
    Step 1

    Get one of those plastic bicarb containers to start. I reuse this one a lot, using that cheap $.90AUD a bag bicarb/baking soda and refill it when it goes empty.

  • How to make a shampoo / conditioner. How To Wash Your Hair With Baking Soda And Vinegar - Step 2
    Step 2

    Combine Apple Cider Vinegar (or regular vinegar) 1 part vinegar, 4 parts water and shake to combine. I use an old Palmolive bottle because it has the perfect stream for getting your head. One bottle full should last 4 washings of super long hair like mine and two of men's hair... because my husband washes his hair pretty much never.

  • How to make a shampoo / conditioner. How To Wash Your Hair With Baking Soda And Vinegar - Step 3
    Step 3

    Go to the shower!

    First get a handful of bicarb into your hand and work it into your hair. Scrub a dub dub as much of it as you can. Rinse with water.

    Next, use the vinegar as conditioner. Use about 1/4 of the bottle to really get all that bicarb out of your hair. It should also work as a mild detangling agent, but will not feel like actual conditioner - because actual conditioner builds up on your hair to make it gross.

    Because I do not want to be arrested for taking shower photos of myself on a site with minors, here is a picture of a kitten.

  • How to make a shampoo / conditioner. How To Wash Your Hair With Baking Soda And Vinegar - Step 4
    Step 4

    Let dry naturally and TRUST ME the vinegar smell WILL dry out.

    Then your hair should look like this! That is, if it's red, long, done up on the sides and you're me. Otherwise, your hair should just look like your hair, only healthier and happier.

    And you just saved thousands of dollars a year.

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Grace K.
Grace K.
LOL on the kitten picture. It made me smile, but that aside, I will definitely try this.
V Hedgehog Freak
V Hedgehog Freak · Simi Valley, California, US · 6 projects
I tried the 1 part vinegar 4 parts water on my baby fine hair (which my hair tangles very easy) after shampooing with baking soda (diluted as half baking soda half water in a 2 fl oz bottle) and it works wonders as a conditioner/detangler without greasing up my hair! YOU ROCK FOR THIS TUTORIAL!! Happy
Abby W.
Abby W. · St Louis, Missouri, US · 16 projects
LOVE that this isn't full of gross chemicals. Who said we needed all that crap on our heads anyway? Thanks for the awesome tutorial!
Amy S.
Amy S. · 3 projects
I do something similar, but I dissolve the baking soda ahead of time like you do the vinegar (& I use a Palmolive bottle too! & an empty lotion bottle for the vinegar, until my current dish soap bottle is empty lol) & I use a 1:8 ratio for each. I've been using red wine vinegar but it's been leaving the wine scent in my hair after it's dried & I don't like that. I might have to switch to white vinegar when I have to make it again. Anyways, thanks for posting this! The more ppl that know & try it, the better!
Rafaela H.
Rafaela H. · Lisbon, Lisbon, PT · 4 projects
Wow! You have a beautiful hair! I think I'm going to try this out today. My hairs tends to be very oily! Thanks for the tip! Happy
Francesca F.
Francesca F. · Pisa, Toscana, IT · 10 projects
Just tried it =) I hope that it will work for me! <3
Nattie Gurl
Nattie Gurl · 58 projects
Just wanted to say AMEN.. I have used these 2 ingrediants for years and they make your hair so clean and soft and so healthy. I LOVE you funny picture of your kitten in #3... that was to cute!...LOL
emmilou w.
emmilou w. · Wallasey, England, GB · 12 projects
hi there and thanks for your how-to...i will definitely be trying this as i'm tired of constantly changing shampoos/conditioners to stop build-up...;D
Elizabeth R.
Elizabeth R. · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 3 projects
There is no difference between the two. Happy

And yes, it gets all the build up out. My hair is now MY hair... not layered badness! Happy
Kitty · Okotoks, Alberta, CA · 18 projects
is there a difference between bicarb and regular baking soda? I have never herd of bicarb before. Great how-to! I love the part with the cat Tongue I herd rincing your hair with vinegar gets all the built up minerals from hard water out .. do you find this to be the case?

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