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how to take awesome macro photos
macro photography is a stunning way to display close up photos without fuzz its quite simple to do if you know how and you can use it to display anything in a photography like way. here's how to take macro photos with a digital camera with a macro setting

1. my dog's paw
2. a small feather on my walkway
3. a muddy paw print on my glass door
4. a feather
5. a light bulb
6. a tiny leaf with a hole in it
7. a red plant in my yard
8. a pine tree
9. a leaf with light on it
10. a red berry in the sun

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  • Step 1

    make sure your camera is set on the "macro" setting if it has one, the macro setting is depicted as a tulip

  • Step 2

    find something that you want to photograph, it can be unique, or average, most anything can look extraordinary with a macro shot. the hardest part of macro photography is getting the camera to focus if an object it too close you camera won't focus so try to work around that. try everything and anything

  • Step 3

    point, focus, shoot, and get the macro fever. once you take one picture it is hard to stop! have fun with it and think outside the box! good luck!

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