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easy how to on making mittens
When it becomes cold, as it is now, gloves don't work as well as mittens and store bought mitts tend to fall apart or fit poorly.
The following is a tutorial on how to make mittens. I created my pattern by ripping apart an old pair that was on its way out. However, if you are unwilling to do this, there are other ways to create your own pattern. When I get the time I will upload my pattern, and until then, the following is a link to the website "the Urban Aboriginal" where they have instruction on how to make your own buckskin mittens: http://www.theurbanabo.com/urban_howtos.php?hid=43

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  • How to make mittens. How To Mitt - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make Pattern:
    This pattern proved to be rather small.
    Back of the Hand:
    a) outline your hand. You may want to spread your fingers to give wiggle room.
    b) add to this a seam allowance.
    c) curve at the fingers and, at the widest point on your hand, draw a straight line down.
    a) outline your hand with your thumb at 90 degrees.
    b) measure from the tip of your outstretched thumb to your hand, then draw a line from the edge of your thumb down.
    c) measure the width of your thumb (at its thickest), add wiggle room, indicate that on the line going vertical, and approximate out the shape.
    d) cut. It should look like the palm section in the photo.
    a) flip the thumb portion of the palm pattern up and measure from the wrist to the tip of the thumb. This is the height of the thumb section.
    b) create a curve downwards with a flair at the end. This allows for thicker thumbs.
    c) from the flair, gently curve downwards. The width of the wrist should be just under half the length of the wrist of the palm section, or just over 1/3rd of the back.

  • How to make mittens. How To Mitt - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut it out!
    There needs to be 2 cuts of leather and 2 cuts of fleece for each pattern piece.

  • How to make mittens. How To Mitt - Step 3
    Step 3

    REMEMBER: there will be one side that is less flat than the other, this side is where the thumb will go. Make sure that you decorate the appropriate side for each piece. You may want to mark this!

    You can bead directly onto the leather (which is where the leather needle comes into play), and this will probably require a 2 needle stitch. This may take a while, so as to negate this you could appliqué bead work onto the piece. For example...

  • How to make mittens. How To Mitt - Step 4
    Step 4

    ...this wonderful mustache!

  • How to make mittens. How To Mitt - Step 5
    Step 5

    Sew it together.

    The thumb lines may not match and it will not be completely smooth, but this is because there is extra fabric to make room for your hand.

    Sew the lining in the same way but do not flip it inside out.

    If you want to use fur, sew it (good side to good side) to the lining.

  • How to make mittens. How To Mitt - Step 6
    Step 6

    Finish it!

    1) stuff the lining into the leather.

    2) flip the fur around so that it faces outwards and sew the fur onto the leather.



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