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This will change how you dress forever! (:
A fashion statement is you deciding (and then writing out or collecting pictures of and envisioning) the direction you would like for your personal style to go! I like to do this about once a year, or simply whenever you feel in a rut and want to mix it upp a little.

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    How to make your OWN fashion statement:
    First, you need to think about, "what am I all about RIGHT NOW?" What are you really into? Is there a certain country your really into? Or a movie? Or magazine? Book? You can literally find inspiration EVERYWHERE! In nature, standing in line at the supermarket, or just looking at a travel magazine!
    Next, look at pictures for inspiration! Look at magazines, blogs, pinterest, anything! Keep a folder of all the pictures you like, so you know which styles you tend towards.
    Then, write down EVERYTHING that is inspiring you! Examples; eras, decades, cartoon characters, countries, animals, a certain group of people, bands, a certain color, the possibilities are ENDLESS! So write them all down, then take some time to read over your list, and really think about it. Do you like zebras? Maybe start to incorporate some zebra striped clothing! Do you loove the color blue? Start wearing it! Look for blue accessories or clothes next time you go shopping! Do you like the music of the 70's? Maybe find some tye dye! Do you see what I mean?

    What Inspires Me:

    *50's Housewives


    *Hot pink

    *The 60's/70's Hippies

    *Pin up Girls

    My Inspirations Make Me Want to Wear:

    *Adorable dresses, aprons, heels, and a I can cook anything- attitude!

    *Leopard printed clothing and accessories (fake of course).

    *Hot Pink in my Hair!

    *Peace Signs, tye dye, and a recycling-all we need is love- attitude!
    *Hi heels, victory rolls, pin curl bangs, corsets, and sexii dresses and skirts!

    Check out my blog for a lot more pictures, and a fun history of my fashion statements!

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