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stay looking good ALL night!
easy cheap way to keep ya make up on all day and well into the night :) (this photo was from a dress up party and i just bought $2 eyeliners and they stayed on a treat with this trick! infact i woke up looking pretty much the same!!! ;P)

Posted by Dot H. Published
  • Step 1

    apply make up as normal . . . make sure your feeling totally beautiful and hot!

  • Step 2

    get hair spray and play with the nozzel till u get used to pressing it and a fine mist comes out (but not to heavy)

  • Step 3

    close ya eyes and gently spray ya face a LITTLE BIT, (if i put to much on it will feel lit dried glue and look shiney - ick) if ya not confident with the spray nozzel you can spray it into the air and walk into it

  • Step 4

    check in the mirror after being at the party/pub/club for a few hours and admire how good you still look!

  • Step 5

    will just was off with ya normal make up :)

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Trickypixie1208 P.
Trickypixie1208 P. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 12 projects
i used to do that alot and it never helped much but make my sin dry and break out not good for you..id go with primers
SyntheticStars · Eastleigh, England, GB · 31 projects
I do this... but, best tip to go with this? Do the hairspray BEFORE your mascara or your eyelashes stick together! Remarkably, I learnt this from a guy... don't ask! xxx
Charlotte H.
Charlotte H. · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 5 projects
Amazing! Thanks so for sharing!Happy

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