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How to make homemade hair bows
Do you love pink hair bows? If so, how about a headband with three-layer bows as well as in pink? Today we will teach you how to make homemade hair bows, just join us!
If you usually can't help buying hair bows from stores and are annoyed with their expensive price, have you ever thought of making them by hand? You can follow us to learn. We devotes to offering amazing craft tutorials for you certainly including how to make homemade hair bows. This pink hair bow is a fun project and whoever receives it will appreciate your regard.


  • How to make a bow headband. How To Make Homemade Hair Bows - Step 1
    Step 1

    Fold felts
    Cut out three strips of felt measuring 19cm, 20cm and 21cm. fold both ends of a felt to the middle line and glue them. Repeat to glue another two felts. Lay the longest felt at the bottom and the second longest one on it at an angle. Overlap the remaining felt atop at a different angle and glue them together.

  • How to make a bow headband. How To Make Homemade Hair Bows - Step 2
    Step 2

    Stick headband
    Tie the center of irregular bow with a metal chain and secure with hot melt glue. Glue the irregular bow to the headband in place with a woven label at back covering the headband.

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