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How to make hair tie bows
Hairstyles that use unique accessories not only make you look pretty and give more attention to the hair, but also mean little or no need to accessorize with jewelry. Are you eager to find ways to style your hair in personalized way? Today we will show you how to make hair tie bows. Make hair ties only belong to you!

This idea of customizing your own hair ties here is fabulous as well as simple. You just need to use a pack of pearl beads and a piece of lace, make hair ties in Korean style is a piece of cake. I hope you'll love the final outcome. Let's see how to make hair tie bows.


  • How to make a bobble / tie. How To Make Hair Tie Bows - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make a bow
    Take a piece of lace; fold it according to the center line. Adjust the lace to shape a bow, and then tie the middle of the bow.

  • How to make a bobble / tie. How To Make Hair Tie Bows - Step 2
    Step 2

    Embellish the bow
    Thread a string of beads and wrap it around the middle of the bow; knot. Glue the bow to a hair tie.

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pittysoares · 6 projects
Making a bow out of lace is such a cute idea! I love it Happy

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