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How To Make Colored Clip In Hair Extensions! Easy :]

great for going out! or whenever! • Posted by heather k.

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    I buy all my stuff from Sallys Beauty supply. The most expensive thing is the hair. However you can make approx 70 hair extensions. 1" wide. USE platinum blonde, Clips and dye are available there as well.

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    I like to use Manic Panic semi-perm. color. You can color them whatever color you want.

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    Cut the hair as long as the clip. I like to sew the clips on first. As you can see there are holes on the top of the clips. I use just the 2 outer holes to sew it onto the TRACK. You must hand sew it with good thread. Make a knot at the end of the thread. then keep going through it about 8 times or so, the last 5 times put your thread through the "loop" to close it up. Cut off excess thread. It should hold.

  4. Use your MANIC panic or other dye and brush on the hair dye. I like to use aluminum foil and clip it to that and then brush on the dye. Turn the extension around and do the other side. To make sure you cover everything use a comb through the hair. Let it sit for a hour or so.

  5. Wash the hair, use conditioner as well. then dry. You can use hot tools on these extensions because its human hair. However I would recommend low settings. Enjoy your new hair!