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How To Make Bokeh

How to create bokeh in your images • Posted by Kath

Bokeh is becoming popular, this is a tutorial for anyone who is wanting to know how to make it.

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Medium heart bokeh by katherinedavis 1272442467


Bokeh is becoming popular, this is a tutorial for anyone who is wanting to know how to make it.


  1. Small ca5018afu 1272442757

    For all the photos in this tutorial I will be using the 50mm f/1.8 lens (for DSLR's), there are other lenses that do the same thing, but this is the cheapest lens you will find as this cost me between $130AUD - $150AUD But if you have a point and shoot camera which allows you to use manual settings or focus you can try that as well.

  2. Small bokeh hint 1272442967

    The photo on the left is a net of christmas lights, which is what i used to create the bokeh, and the photo on the right is what happened when i played with the manual focus, blurred the image and took the photo. To get the black background you take the photo in the dark. You might need a high ISO, or to use a tripod so your image doesn't blur. Pyay around with the aperture, i set it to 1.8 to get the maximum affect.

  3. Small heart bokeh by katherinedavis 1272443093

    Next we will talk about how to get the Heart bokeh like in this photo.

  4. Small bokeh heart 1272443108

    To get heart bokeh, get a black piece of card, and cut out a heart, but it could be any shape you desire, or even use hole punches in different shapes. You can take photos with the christmas nets like i did, or get creative and try something else.

  5. Small cup of fish by katherinedavis 1272443256

    This photo is where I got creative, i used the black card cut out a fish like shape and put it over the lens. I put the lights in the background so then they would blur, and focused on the cup, and that is how you achieve this.

  6. Small img 8134 1272443359

    This is a photo I took, and i used an aperture of 2.8 and even then you can see bokeh coming through my personal work in portraiture images. The lower the aperture the more bokeh that will appear in your images. Happy shooting and I hope you learnt something, as easy as bokeh is . ;)