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Based on How To Make A Tutu by ambrosialove
i needed to make a petticoat for my halloween costume. I just needed it to add some volume. I made this one really fast and it came out nice... I need to add more tulle to make it fuller as a tutu. But as a petticoat its fine... I will be posting a tutorial for anyone interested... its a lot faster and easier than your average tutorial for a tutu.

you will need some elastic to match your tulle. i used white. Scissors a needle and tulle! some thread or a safety pin.

1. Take your tulle and cut it to make many layers!
i used about 6 yards of tulle. FOR A PETTICOAT. you will need more for a tutu.
i cut it lenth wise and made about 4 layers.
2. Cut to desired length. mine was about 6 inches.
3. make sure the 4 layers are stacked neatly.
4. Begin cutting holes 1/2 an inch apart at the top of the layers. do this throughout the entire fabric.
5. Once finished tie the elastic to the needle and begin to push it in one hole and out the other. This will cause the fabric to rouge.remeber to push it tightly. The tighter you pull the puffier it will look
6. once you have finished. just tie the back together with the thread and needle or adjust it with the safety pin.
7. NOw spread apart the layers. and TA-DA! you got yourself a simple and easy petticoat or tutu.

if you are confused and need pictures just leave me a comment and ill try to post some to help out

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Ok sorry to fill up your comment thing but okay. I get instructions numbers 4-7. 1-3 I think are kind of confusing to picture in my head...is it alright if you could just post some pictures for 1-3? If you don't mind, sorry for the trouble.
oh whoops...nvm i found it lol don't mind me
WOw!!!!!!!! I'm interested in a tutorial, I need to make a petticoat for my dress 'cause it's too bleh.

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