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DIY Fashion Shoot Book
Fashion shoots are made up of a series of photographs that tell a story. Each photograph tells a different part of that story. The details change within each picture, e.g. the model’s clothing, facial expression or the props.

What is a storyboard?
Storyboards are sketches in which you plan out the photographs you want to take on your fashion shoots. A storyboard is the next thing to make once you have finished your moodboards. They don’t have to be beautifully drawn: loose scribbles, stick men and little notes are what they are all about. Their sole purpose is to remind you when you are on your shoot of exactly how you want to set up each shot, so ponder over every last tiny detail.

Storyboards are crucial. Planning in advance gives you time to focus on exactly what you want in your photographs. Making it up as you go along on the day won’t get you the best results as you will be distracted by a million and one other things. Not only are storyboards a great way of reminding you of what you want to capture; they are also the best way of communicating your ideas to the rest of your team!

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  • Step 1

    Decide how many shots you want to take. The amount is totally up to you, but be realistic with the time you will have on the shoot day. It’s better to spend your shoot getting three perfect shots than rushing through ten.

  • Step 2

    Either use one small piece of paper per shot, or divide up one large piece into equal-sized boxes and plan out your whole shoot on one page.

  • Step 3

    Shot-by-shot, draw out what you want to see in each photograph. .

  • Step 4

    Take these things into consideration for each shot:
    • Is it a close-up, medium or wide shot?
    • How will the model(s) be posing? e.g. leaning, jumping or sitting?
    • Where will the model(s) be positioned within the frame?
    • What is your model’s character? Are they serious, fun or thoughtful?
    • If there is more than one model, how will they interact
    with each other and with the camera?
    • What props or objects do you want to use?
    • What is your location or backdrop?

  • Step 5

    Once you have made your storyboards and you think they are clear and precise, show them to the rest of the fashion shoot team.

    DON’T FORGET to keep your storyboards
    on you at all times during the shoot day.
    Follow them closely to get each shot perfect!

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