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How to make a rabbit bus card holder
Many people need to take bus to work or go outside every day. Did you want to have a bus card holder to protect your card? It is not only for protection, but also for convenience to take your card and embellish it. If you also have such idea, just take half an hour to learn with us how to make a card holder.

Purple, pink and little rabbit are girls' favorites. Cute rabbit with translucent ribbons add beauty to the bus card holder. Does this card holder appeals to you? Leaning how to make a card holder, you can make one for yourself!


  • How to make a bag organiser. How To Make A Rabbit Bus Card Holder - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make a rabbit
    Cut felt by tracing templates on the paper as the picture shows. Sew features of rabbit by black sewing thread. Glue ears at the back of head; cut out a bow and glue it on one ear. Sew a running stitch on the strip of felt; glue it on the other head. Sew two heads with quilting in.

  • How to make a bag organiser. How To Make A Rabbit Bus Card Holder - Step 2
    Step 2

    Finish the card holder
    Sew the strip of felt at the middle of the width of a rectangle felt. Add a snap button to the back of the rabbit. Place a strip of organza ribbon on the hollow rectangle felt, sew a running stitch around the empty part to fix the ribbon; add the other snap button to the right side of it. Sew two rectangles of felt by straight stitch with the right side outside. Don't sew the side with rabbit; it is used to put card in.

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