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How To Make A Paper Flower Lollipops Gift Tutorial

A sweet treat! • Posted by City_Shaysha

Create these flower lollipops as favours for your next party.

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Create these flower lollipops as favours for your next party.


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    I bought this Recollections Fun in a Jar from Michael's Craft Store. Originally it costs $17.99 but it was on clearance for 60% off. It was a last minute purchase that was at a fantastic price! I couldn't pass it up.

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    Inside there are three different sizes and two different shades of blue. I used Elmer's Xtreme glue stick on the larger paper flower.

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    Add the medium size paper flower on top of the larger one.

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    And repeat the same step with the smaller paper flower.

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    Let it dry.

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    Next, you will need lollipops.

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    In order to keep the flower easy to stay on and easy to remove, I decided to go with tape. Place a folded tape (you can use glue as well) onto the lollipops and then placed the freshly made paper flowers on top.

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    Such an easy simple project that brings joy to anyone's face. It is the fact that you took the time to create something is what really matter and what people really appreciate. Enjoy the treat!