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How to perfect the smoky eye, red lippy look
Inspired by Eva Green and Dita Von Teese, who totally rock the black eye and red lips! I will do a Dita Von Teese style How-to, I just haven't got around to it yet.

Posted by Laura H. from South Benfleet, England, United Kingdom • Published See Laura H.'s 2 projects »

  • Step 1

    Apply a pale base of foundation. I would suggest using powder foundation as it generally gives better coverage.

  • Step 2

    Apply talc loosely underneath your eyes. This will prevent any falling makeup from staying on the skin.

  • Step 3

    Either using a white or pale skin coloured eyeshadow, cover the brow bone, eye crease and underneath the eye with it.

  • Step 4

    Using the black liquid eyeliner, line your top and bottom waterlines. This may tickle at first - especially on your top waterline - but if you find it too difficult use normal eyeliner. when using the liquid liner, be very careful not to go too close to the eye, otherwise it will stain the eye. Plus, don't forget to keep your eyelid still for a while as it dries.

  • Step 5

    Using a precision eyeshadow brush, apply black liner all over the eyelid and under the eye. If you're going for a less heavy look, use a dark grey shadow and only apply it along half of the upper eyelid and only along the outer corner of the lower lid. Then use a fan brush to sweep off any excess underneath the eye (this is were the talc comes in)

  • Step 6

    Use eyelash curlers to give your eyelash curleres maximum volume. Then, apply mascara. I would recommend a double ended one as this adds thickens, volume and length.

  • Step 7

    You could at this point do your eyebrows, by using a brown/black eyebrow pencil to fill them in.

  • Step 8

    Now for the lips. Apply vaseline or a lip balm to your lips - this isn't essential but I find that lips are easier to work with when soft rather than cracked and dry.

  • Step 9

    Now use a lip pencil to line your lips. This need to be done with the utmost precision, which can only really be achieved by practice, practice, practice!

  • Step 10

    Pick your best red lipstick and apply it. I would keep a tissue handy in case you slip. Make sure you apply lots! Then blot with a tissue and apply another layer, then blot.

  • Step 11

    Finally, add some red or clear lipgloss to add some sheen. Et viola!

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Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Very nice, job well done, I'm not against a little guy liner lol. I put some on when I go out but I don't get too fancy lol.
blaiser · Seaford, England, GB · 2 projects
you are so pretty!

and i will definately be trying this :L
Lady Lyssa
Lady Lyssa · 1 project
Is there anyway you can add pictures of each step?
lena · Richmond, Virginia, US · 2 projects
very very very nice!! Happy
Tick Tock
Tick Tock · 1 project
you shouldn't really curl your eyelashes because they won't curl naturally and just make them stay the same short and stubby.
but this is really helpful. Happy

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