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Most pictures nowadays are digital and we rarely bother to print them out, put them in frames, hang them up etc. However, some of us who are sentimental and like to do that don't even realize the effect picture frames have on our home décor. Picture frames get the attention of your guests. They will notice the picture first, but a unique frame will not be left unnoticed. There are many things you could use to enhance picture frames, instead of throwing them away.

What do you want to do with your picture frame? You could choose from gluing some glitter, to decorating it with beads, driftwood or even beer caps. Simply re-painting them will work too. Okay, lets begin with gluing glitter.

Posted by Dana B. from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia • Published
  • How to make a misc. How To Enhance Your Picture Frames - Step 1
    Step 1

    Decorate With Glitter

    For the purpose of gluing glitter you will need a newspaper or protective sheetс for a cleaner business, paint brushes, glitter, craft glue and varnish. Remove the frames' glass and backside and place it between supports. Paint the frame with a base colour that will match the glitter and your home interior. Try to co-ordinate the colours. After the paint is dry, brush a thick layer of glue then sprinkle glitter all over. Once the glitter and the glue are dry apply a thick coat of acrylic varnish in order to preserve it.

    Image Credit: By Alisson

  • How to make a misc. How To Enhance Your Picture Frames - Step 2
    Step 2

    Decorate With Beads

    One of the good things about picture frames is that there can't be too many of them (usually) and you can experiment in various ways with patterns and colours you are a fan of picture frames and you enjoy trying new things consider enhancing your old picture frames. Just because they are old, doesn't mean they should be thrown away. Have you heard the saying: “Old is good”, I, personally, believe it.

    For the purpose of this project you need paint and brushes (to add a base coat), glue and beads from old jewellery. This is a really simple project involving a few steps. Simply remove the glass and the backside of the frame, place it between supporters and start applying a base coat of paint. You may choose contrasting colours if your walls are pale to make a bolder statement. When the paint is dry spread a layer of glue and apply the beads, If the beads are smaller put them in the container with the mixture glue. You can also sprinkle the beads. Whatever you do remember you need to be quite quick as the glue will set in in about 15 minutes. Make sure you protect and clean the other surfaces.

    If you are an enthusiast you can try to arrange them in shapes and figures.

  • How to make a misc. How To Enhance Your Picture Frames - Step 3
    Step 3

    Decorate With Driftwood

    You need to prepare your frame, driftwood, sandpaper, acrylic varnish, craft glue and the tenon or hacksaw, of course. Cut thin “slices” from your pieces of driftwood using the tenon saw, which is he best you could use for this project as you will have very little sanding to do afterwards. Then everything becomes very easy – glue the thin pieces to the picture frame by applying a blob of glue on each and pressing it against the frame. You will be amazed how something so simple, makes such a huge difference.

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