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Easy methods you can use to draw faces as a beginner artist
The aim of this post is to educate those who would like to learn how to draw faces but either lack confidence or simply would not know where to start. The two simple methods that I will discuss are used by many successful realism artists. The methods have many benefits such as allowing you to gain confidence as well as being able to understand the anatomy of the human face. After a while, you will get used to the proportions and be able to draw faces on your own. None of the methods discussed below are cheating – so don’t worry.

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  • How to create a portrait. How To Draw Faces (For Beginners) - Step 1
    Step 1

    First method is to use tracing paper, tracing paper is easier to get a hold of as can find it in many of the main supermarkets. However, the process can be slightly longer than using a light up board as you have to go over the opposite page you traced in order for the drawing to be transferred onto sketching paper.

    Tracing paper is very self-explanatory and affordable.

  • How to create a portrait. How To Draw Faces (For Beginners) - Step 2
    Step 2

    Secondly, we have a light up board which is slightly more expensive than tracing paper. Having said this, it is a lot more environmentally friendly compared to tracing paper and it will last a longer time if you get one that is decently priced with good reviews.

    Just like with the tracing paper, it is very self-explanatory and few of the artists I look up to and am inspired by have admitted that they use light up boards.

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