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Fly away in a musical dream
I am a musician. And every single year in marching band we get copies of the same music. So i have 4 copies of all our stand tunes, and shorts. Not to mention trombone choir music. AND music from high school.
This Balloon is actually just a practice. On the real one (i have yet to make) i tea stained the music, to give it an older look. the Bucket is just a detergent scoop with the handle cut off, but i since have discovered fruit cup cups, are round and awesome for baskets.

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  • How to make a paper model. Hot Air Balloon - Step 1
    Step 1

    For the basket of the balloon i used an old detergent scoop. Or you could use an old fruit cup cup. Or anything you fancy really.

    I had to cut the handle of of mine.

  • How to make a paper model. Hot Air Balloon - Step 2
    Step 2

    I then painted it. I had to mix together tiny bits of paint to try and get the right woody color.
    Also something you could do, is wrap the twine around it, or in a weaving pattern, to give it a rope basket look.

  • How to make a paper model. Hot Air Balloon - Step 3
    Step 3

    different brushes will give different textures. the smaller ones i used for painting the basket, the larger ones were used for applying mod podge.

  • How to make a paper model. Hot Air Balloon - Step 4
    Step 4

    this is used on the paper to shape it on the balloon.
    I would put some on the balloon, then add the paper, then add more podge on top of it, so new layers of paper would stick.

  • How to make a paper model. Hot Air Balloon - Step 5
    Step 5

    The paper. I cut mine into smaller strips, so that i could get a lot of overlap, and to get it to form to the balloon shape better.

  • Step 6

    Not shown, but a normal sized party balloon. you can get a cheap pack at the party aisle in walmart.

    i then blew it up to my desired size of hot air balloon. I tried to make it proportional to my basket.

  • Step 7

    the paper will probably have to be added in sections, letting it dry in increments, so it does not get all over your hands or get messed up.

    Once it is all on, and all dry. POP the balloon, and carefully remove it from the innards of the your shell that is left.
    the balloon my stick to the inside from the podge glue, so remove it carefully.
    Note: some dents may occur during this process, or from handling in general. they are easily pushed back out.

  • How to make a paper model. Hot Air Balloon - Step 8
    Step 8

    I made small holes in the bottom of the shell, and holes in the corners of my basket, then used twine to attach them.
    For my real one i am going to make, i shall use necklace jewelry chain metal.

    to hang it, i put i tiny little hook on top, i actually punctured mine, but you could hot glue it.

  • Step 9

    The idea was for the battery tea light to sit in the basket.
    but then it did not shine enough, and after thinking about it, in a hot air balloon that is not how it works anyway.
    So now in my real one, i shall get jewelry wire, to suspend the tea light in the base of the balloon itself so the whole thing glows like a real one.

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