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dont like buying expensive pore strips? make your own!
i learned this from michelle phan :D
all you need is:
a makeup brush, a foundation one works good
1 tsp gelatin
1 tsp milk
and a small microwaveable dish
here we go:3

Posted by Abby from Rapid City, South Dakota, United States • Published See Abby's 10 projects »
  • Step 1

    take your dish, pour in the milk and gelatin and mix it all up

  • Step 2

    then put the dish in the microwave for about 10 seconds, or until its a sorta thick liquid

  • Step 3

    get your brush, check and see if the mix is hot, once its warm, not too burning hot, brush it on your nose

  • Step 4

    wait ten minutes, peel it off and look at all the stuff on it! its pretty cool and sorta gross!

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K_K · 1 project
omg I am in LOVE with this!!!! I tried it on my nose and chin and after I peeled it off my face looked like 100% cleaner and prettier!!! Thank you so much I finally found something that works really well!!! I can not thank you enough!!!!
lolopolo · London, GB
Im in the UK, it is hard to get hold of gelatin. Is there any replacements? Also you said it takes 11 hrs?? Thanks
Courtney C.
Courtney C. · Ponoka, Alberta, CA
Smells Like Dog Treats :3
Cari C.
Cari C.
can you use flavored gelatine
Mimi T.
Mimi T.
flavored gelatin is usually colored and can dye your skin!
BMoxie G.
BMoxie G.
I love this and have used it. I added a little more milk then I shoulkd have an it took longer to dry...but I LOVE how baby sooth my skin feels after peeling it off! And yay! the icky stuff that was removed and the money saved by not buy going to the store was worth it plus it was a fun project to do with my daughter!
FOR ABBY: Uhmm, yeah, like.. if you've never used shampoo, or eatin pudding or jello, or held a photograph,then like, dont complain, close the page, and quit colmplaining to all of us who enjoy smearing bones and carteledge on our face, and eating meat ravenously. AND just an fyi from peta:
Gelatin is protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. It is usually obtained from cows or pigs. Gelatin is used in shampoos, face masks, and other cosmetics; as a thickener for fruit gelatins and puddings (such as Jell-O); in candies, marshmallows, cakes, ice cream, and yogurts; on photographic film; in vitamins as a coating and as capsules; and it is sometimes used to assist in "clearing" wines. Gelatin is not vegan. However, there is a product called agar agar that is sometimes marketed as "gelatin," but it is vegan--it is derived from a type of seaweed.
Xuewei O.
Xuewei O. · Highland Park, New Jersey, US
I put it on when it was too hot and it burned me......
tatty.craft · Lincoln, England, GB · 5 projects
this is a good idea ! Happywhy does it take 11 hours ?
Bianca · Thousand Oaks, California, US
I didn't get anything….do you have to do anything before you but the stuff on your face or put it on a certain way?
Abby · Rapid City, South Dakota, US · 10 projects
If you dont have something nice to say then dont say anything. If your vegetarian okay, good for you, but you dont need to down my tutorial because your veiws on things dont agree with it.If you dont like it, then hit the little red X in the corner and let others share happy thoughts. BTW thank you to panda of doom, ill try that one out too (:
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